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Why Choose Us?

I love to work with colour, especially my favourite colour, pink! I use a combination of dried and preserved flowers to create floral frames, arrangements, wreaths and bouquets that evoke the beauty and joy of freshly picked flowers from the garden. I love to include flowers that I've grown and dried from my small garden wherever possible.

People always ask me how long dried flowers will last. As a natural product, they will eventually break down and during this time their colour and appearance will evolve, but this is a big part of their charm. The timing of this ranges from months to years and largely depends on how the flowers are cared for - sunlight, wind and moisture will all speed up the process.


I always have a range of made-to-order bouquets, posies and gift boxes available on my website and I add new floral frames, wreaths and arrangements depending on how or when the creative urge hits me. Most of my pieces are one-off designs, but even those that are made to order are all slightly different so you can be assured that your piece is unique.  I can arrange delivery of my pieces anywhere in New Zealand - dried flowers travel well and the shipping costs are reasonable. My pieces are also available at Welly Collective stores in Courtenay Place, Wellington and at Queensgate Mall, Lower Hutt.


I also set aside a few spaces each month for commission pieces. If you are after something unique for your home, business, boutique wedding or event, please check out my gallery page for inspiration or get in touch to chat about how I can help create something very special for you.

Leigh x

I'm Leigh, the owner and creator of Magenta Blooms - a small dried flower studio based at my home in Karori, Wellington. I've been a flower lover as long as I can remember, but a busy corporate career had kept me from indulging in my passion for them. In 2021, I took a step away from the corporate world to focus on my health and during this time I spent my time creating a small cottage garden filled with lots of colourful blooms and wildflowers. This was the inspiration for Magenta Blooms - a way to share my passion for flowers with others. 

I choose to work with dried flowers because I love that they can be enjoyed in the garden initially, picked at their best and then enjoyed for years to come. They offer a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers, because they're long lasting and almost nothing is wasted. (For example, I use leftover short-stemmed flowers in my floral frames and mini posies, and flower heads or petals in my baubles). Dried flowers are also straightforward to care for and perfect for people with allergies as they don't contain pollen.

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